At the end of January 2024, the Border Guard Command of Hoa Minh, Tuy Phong district, organized the program “Warm-hearted spring in the border area”. The La Gan offshore wind project actively participated in the program with the desire to help disadvantaged households in the area have a joyful Tet season and continue the community engagement work it has established over the past 3 years.

The gift-giving event was held in the presence of representatives from Hoa Minh Border Command and Hoa Minh Commune. With the motto “leaving no one behind,” the program was designed to bring happiness and support to underprivileged individuals in the province’s maritime border area. It also strengthened the bond and unity among the community, reflecting the admirable personalities of “Uncle Ho’s Army”.

The La Gan Offshore Wind Project, known for its remarkable philanthropic efforts in Binh Thuan province, has extended its generosity by presenting 30 gifts to 30 households in Hoa Minh commune, Chi Cong commune, and Phan Ri Cua town. With the Tet holiday is around the corner, each gift was thoughtfully arranged with essential items such as instant noodles, fish sauce, salt, and other necessities to ensure the recipients can enjoy a comfortable and joyous celebration in the new year.

The beneficiaries of the program include families with meritorious policies, such as people with disabilities, war veterans, families of martyrs, revolutionary contributors, mothers of heroes, families of ethnic minorities facing challenging circumstances, and poor households. These gifts were well-appreciated, with representatives in the district stating that they provide much-needed support and relief to such families during the festive season.

Mr. Duong Khac Tiep, representative of La Gan offshore wind project, delivered 30 gift sets to people in the program

Mr. Duong Khac Tiep, representative of La Gan offshore wind project, appreciated the meaning of the program to promote the spirit of giving and sharing and spoke on behalf of the project in wishing to contribute to the local community to establish and retain a long-lasting relationship. “We hope that these gifts can spread the joy of Tet to the people in difficult circumstances, so that they can ensure they are always cared for and supported, and never left behind. We wish all of them good health, happiness, and a better life in the year ahead. La Gan Offshore Wind will continue to do its best to support the sustainable development for the local community, and wishes its members a happy, healthy and prosperous year of the dragon,” Tiep said.