As one of the Diamond Sponsors of the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE) 2022 event organized by EuroCham Vietnam, Mr. Stuart Livesey, on behalf of CIP, COP, and La Gan Wind Project joined the webinar “GEFE and You – How you can get involved” last Wednesday, August 24th. This webinar successfully introduced the meaningful purposes of the event, where sponsors also spoke about why they have engaged in this green and sustainable dialogue.

Stuart expressed the company’s will as an international business to share experiences and knowledge across global markets and engage with local businesses and governments to facilitate the green energy transition in Vietnam. GEFE 2022 provides a fantastic opportunity to reach out to the young generation in Vietnam, helping to increase their awareness of the importance of offshore wind, green energy, and the potential career opportunities that this industry provides to be part of a sustainable future.


Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak today. I really appreciate and many thanks for the hard efforts coordinated by the GEFE team.

I am Stuart Livesey, the Vietnam Country Director for Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP). Copenhagen Offshore Partners is the sister company with the Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners; this is a Danish investment fund, which develops and constructs green energy projects across the globe. It has an investment fund valued 19 billion USD at this stage. Within Vietnam itself, my team and I are looking to develop a pipeline of several gigawalt-scale offshore wind projects at the moment when regulations allow.

One of the key projects we are working on at the moment, many of you may have seen in the media, is the La Gan Project in Binh Thuan Province. This is an offshore wind farm project of approximately 3.5GW, if it’s built out of full capacity, it’ll cost about 10.5 billion USD, 4.4 billion USD were expecting to be injected directly into Vietnam. There should be a great deal of job created, approximately 45.000, in terms of full-time equivalent jobs. And there will be enough energy generated here to power 7 million Vietnamese homes. So there are a lot of potentials, and I’m sure many of you are hearing there’s a great will and desire to develop offshore wind properly in Vietnam. We are ready to support that. So that’s a bit background in terms of our company.

We are looking to engage with GEFE because a lot of the information has been sent today, and a lot of the potential that GEFE is looking to attract in terms of attendance. It’s also what we’re going to need on the ground when we start developing and constructing offshore wind farms. So we are here to engage with local businesses, we want to be present to hear about what the local supply chain can offer, what the supply chain would like to offer in the future, and then work together to find a way to design a solution that we, as an international business, can deliver with Vietnamese businesses themselves. We are trying to cooperate together, as a European and international business, with Vietnamese businesses. We want to promote sustainable green development, and this is what offshore energy is all about. We’ve helped many of the markets move through into the green energy transition, and this is something we really want to be part of in Vietnam. And I see lots of strong will and lots of context we are talking about today is supporting that.

On behalf of CIP with the La Gan project, we are looking to try to share and learn at this stage, there’s a lot to be learnt and taken across from green energy projects, particularly offshore wind projects. And there’s difficult time for some of the ministries to formulate regulations and policies. So, at this stage, we want to share international experience, knowledge that we gain from other markets, try to be as transparent as possible to say whether there’ve been advantages, disadvantages, problems that have occurred in the past, and whether the countries or developers have managed to get around these and progress forwards. There’s a lot of stuff going on with the legal framework, and mechanisms for green energy transition, so we are looking to try to assist for all those.

The other matter we are coming into Day 3 of GEFE is the future, the future for the next generation, the generation that’s looking where do we go next. There’s a great deal of opportunities for offshore wind to develop, careers for local people in the areas at multiple different levels, not just engineering, but lots of other sustainable tasks, management career, you name it, it’s all these layers again. There’s substantial amount of the workforce, that we are looking for in Vietnam, coming from local areas with many different skillsets. We will train these, and we will work with these. All we want to do on Day 3 is to reach out to the younger generations coming in to try to explain the importance of offshore wind, green energy and potential opportunities they have to participate in the green energy transition, both with ourselves and also with what Vietnam intends to deliver.

So we are here to share knowledge, we are here to try to build up future for them, and deliver as much information as we can at the moment, any topic we can contribute to, any information we can say about the industry, and anything we can get some involvement in terms of CIP and our journey together. We very much like to be part of, so we are here to listen, to learn, to share some information. It’s our pleasure that we are offered this opportunity.

Thank you very much!

GEFE 2022 will be organized from 28th to 30th November in Ho Chi Minh City. Our exhibition and participation in GEFE’s conferences will be updated soon, we look forward to seeing you there!