Undertaking offshore surveys during the early development stage of a project is one of the crucial preliminary steps in ensuring that it is feasible to design, procure and construct all of the elements necessary for an offshore wind farm. At this time, Vietnam’s incomplete regulations on the procedure of allocating marine areas for offshore surveys under the updated draft of Decree 11 are creating several hurdles for developers, which in turn then puts risk on the timing and certainty as to when and how best to invest at an early stage in a potential project.

Sharing to the media, Stuart Livesey, CEO of La Gan Offshore Wind Project, stated that it is important to consider allocating an exclusive area for offshore wind power survey activities at a specific project site to ensure long-term and serious commitments from capable project investors. With such large-scale complex projects, it is essential to provide a degree of certainty to investors to ensure that these companies commit to these very expensive and complicated surveys and progress a program to deliver a project on time.

Without exclusivity, and with concerns about the security of commercially sensitive and valuable data, Stuart states that there is a risk many developers will be unwilling to instigate such surveys, or only partially commit to a selection of these, which in turn will extend the program and delay the final commissioning date for an operational offshore wind farm.

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