The Green Economy Forum and Exhibition 2022 has successfully finished. Congratulations to EuroCham, the organizer team, and CIP/COP/Lagan Wind team at GEFE 2022.

On this occasion, our sharing from CIP/COP has been highlighted in VTV1 National Television news and media, which has been a great honor to provide our thoughts on Vietnam’s green transition and the role offshore wind can play.

In the news, we shared that in the south of Vietnam, offshore wind potential is very high (with optimal areas in Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan provinces). The seabed is relatively shallow with strong foundation which makes it attractive to the future development of the offshore wind industry. As with any new energy generation costs will be high (however very comparable to current gas and LNG prices and as experience from other countries has shown that prices for offshore wind have dropped over 75% over 8 years in the UK, and approximately 60% over 6 years in Taiwan), but the base load generated by offshore wind is much higher and more stable than onshore wind and solar power. In Vietnam, the La Gan offshore wind power project with a capacity of 3.5 GW and an estimated investment capital of up to 10.5 billion USD is expected to assist our country in transitioning to a power system with a high rate of renewable energy integration and low carbon emissions.

Check out our sharing in the video below and the original news on VTV1 at VTV News

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Meaningful moments of us at GEFE 2022: